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This program is unique. It is designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and inherent natural style. This teacher training will build a strong foundation and provide teaching techniques that will help the student of yoga transform into a teacher of yoga. It will deepen and build your personal practice as you embark on a transformation journey toward becoming an inspiring yoga instructor. You will be challenged to go deeper into your physical practice and awaken within you, the capacity to guide, inform, and inspire others.

You’ll leave having discovered your true self. To get to your true self, you must examine dreams you have forgotten, fears that are holding you back, and beliefs that are not your own. Finding the courage to discover who you really are will help you realize your true potential.

Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy encourages you to let go of your conditioned and limited beliefs and behaviors. This practice will, only then, help you tap into your true gifts and discover your true purpose. This will be a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding experience.

Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy's goals are to maximize your full potential and to turn your dreams into reality. At the end of the program, they want you to move forward in your life with more clarity, confidence, courage, love, and happiness. They feel the best way to find a deeper connection with your inner being is in a peaceful and natural environment.

What Makes This Teacher Training Unique?

Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy honors their connection with nature and mother earth. They approach yoga as a means of exploring and deepening this connection.

  • Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy understands that the learning process is not linear. Their teaching model incorporates group discussion, hands-on experimentation, experiential learning, and instructor support and feedback.

  • Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy values the student learning process as both somatic and intellectual, offering rest and/or movement breaks throughout the day to encourage the integration of the material.

  • Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy value spiritual growth and personal development as a part of their YTT experience. While this is an intensive learning environment, it is also an opportunity to be impacted by yoga on a deep level.

  • Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy emphasizes safe and accurate anatomical cueing to support the longevity of your and your students' practices.

  • Prana Wellness & Yoga Academy encourages modifications, adaptations, and the use of props to share yoga with all body types and needs.


What You Will Learn

What you will learn in this training with Bridget Gibbs. This training is a complete and progressive learning experience that will deepen your knowledge and build a solid foundation to become a confident yoga teacher.

  • Pranayama and meditation techniques

  • Introduction to asana and creative sequencing

  • Vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga postures

  • Verbal and hands-on adjustments

  • Proper modifications for injuries

  • Teaching methodology

  • Applied functional anatomy and physiology

  • History and philosophy of yoga

  • Introduction to the yoga sutras

  • Introduction to Sanskrit and mantras

  • Energetics and connections through the practice

  • AcroYoga, Aerial yoga, and yoga massage

  • Optimally aligned asanas, key actions, and refinements to make complex postures safe and accessible

  • Ethics of a yogi lifestyle

  • Teaching skillful asana technique, proper alignment, and the benefits of each pose

  • How to artistically create inspirational classes with innovative sequencing that fulfill all levels

  • Creating classes which are light, yet powerful journeys, infused with yogic philosophy and your unique heart’s message

  • How to still your mind, access your power, and tap into your innate wisdom

  • How to communicate clearly and confidently in a group setting

  • How to hold space during your yoga classes

  • How to discover your voice, share your heart’s message, and speak your truth!

  • How to take intriguing yoga photos and develop content

  • How to create a successful yoga business and how to approach yoga studios for teaching jobs

  • Business of yoga

  • Living a yogic life on and off the mat. Live what you teach


Meet Your Instructor 

My name is Bridget Gibbs and I have been practicing yoga for over 13 years and teaching for over 6 years. I have a 500 hour Ashtanga Yoga Degree from Barcelona, Spain. As well as a Yoga Trapeze Certification.

Your workout doesn't have to suck... And let me reassure you that you haven't had a workout quite like this before. Our classes will leave you feeling challenged, renewed, inspired & longing for more.​

A beautiful sculpted body is only a side effect of what Yoga is really about. We focus on the mind-body relationship by incorporation Breath Work & Nervous System Training. Health & Well Being will become your new favorite addiction. Become addicted to good health and feeling good not just looking good.


We invite you to step outside your comfort zone and come hang with your TRIBE!

Still have questions? Book a call with lead trainer Bridget Gibbs below and get all of your questions answered!

"Amazing strengthening yoga! Bridget Gibbs knows how to keep you motivated too. Amazing instructor!"


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