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Dr. Danny Van Noy

Doctor of Chiropractic
Applied Kinesiology
Functional Nutrition
Organic Herbs & Supplements

The benefits of chiropractic care beyond neck pain, back pain, and headaches sparked Dr. Danny Van Noy’s awareness at an early age when his grandfather received life-saving help from a chiropractor practicing applied kinesiology (AK) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His grandfather was diagnosed with polymyositis and Western medicine said that the progression of the disease would start shutting down involuntary muscles next… and that he probably wasn’t going to make it once that began.


Through applied kinesiology testing, the chiropractor discovered high mercury toxicity levels and introduced the concept of chelation. That doctor quickly became the family’s primary means of health care and Dr. Van Noy noticed the positive effects it had on him and his loved ones.  This experience brought clarity that his calling is to be the catalyst for medical “failure” patients to find wellness!


Dr. Van Noy graduated from Parker University in Dallas with two Bachelor of Science degrees (Anatomy, Health & Wellness) and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree with cum laude honors. During school he participated in a chiropractic mission trip to serve the underprivileged people of Peru. He has completed the 100-hour Applied Kinesiology certification, under Dr. J.J. Gregor, and is trained in functional medicine through the teachings of Dr. Datis Kharrazian with Harvard Medical School research and Apex Energetics. Dr. Van Noy has great enthusiasm for learning and applying new information and techniques that assist in his care, and with a passion for wellness and alternative treatments that allow for natural healing, he truly cares for his patients’ well-being


Treating the body as a whole, Dr. Van Noy sees a full array of ailments from structural issues to migraines to more complicated conditions, such as neuro degenerative/neuro developmental cases.  His true passion is for the medical mysteries, like his grandfather, who have been written off as hopeless by other doctors and who have lost hope themselves.


Dr. Van Noy has complete faith in the principles of alternative therapies and knows that our bodies have an unlimited capacity to improve and heal. He is deeply devoted to serving his community from a holistic perspective with a goal for his patients of getting them back to being as healthy as they can as fast as possible and maximizing their expression of life to the highest potential so they can fully enjoy this life experience.


Outside of chiropractic, Dr. Van Noy enjoys live music, spending time with family/friends, taking road trips with his dog, Bones, and staying active through exercise, yoga, and climbing.



Shay Cummins

Holistic Nurse Practitioner
Functional Nutrition Practitioner

I am a retired Air Force air traffic controller. I have always been drawn to the excitement of something different every day. Nursing provides that for me. It was always a passion I couldn’t pursue until retirement. After I retired, I went back to school and received my LVN license through Weatherford College, shortly there after, I met Bridget in 2008. I worked for her staffing company as an LVN, which gave me the flexibility of my schedule and better pay. This allowed me to go back to school a year later. I received my Associate Degree Nursing, again through Weatherford College. As I continued to work for Bridget for many years in many roles: rehab, MedSurg, telemetry, ER, infusion center, school nurse, etc, I was able to broaden my experiences in nursing and hone my skills. Again, I returned to school and later received my BSN in Nursing and then ultimately graduated with my MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner through UTA as I had finally decided what I wanted to do with my nursing career. All of my nursing degrees were made possible with the flexibility of schedule and excellent pay through Bridget’s staffing agency. I know there are nurses out there who are wanting something similar. Ultimately, I want to help people, both as an FNP and as an entrepreneur. I have known Bridget for 13 yrs and have always respected her work ethic and business professionalism. I am privileged to call her a friend and now a business partner. As a nurse who’s been on the other side, I wouldn’t recommend any other staffing agency. This is truly the best of the best.



Bridget Gibbs

Yoga Floor & Aerial Teacher Trainer / Health Coach /

Your workout doesn't have to suck, these classes will leave you feeling renewed, challenged, and inspired. In sessions we are doing things that feel so amazing but giving you the challenge your mind and body needs to sustain life. There is no work out like this, We incorporate breath, nervous system training, childlike spontaneity, and intuition...🤔 in these sequences, your body goes through so many different Chemical experiences through this class, that I hope that health and well being become your new addiction, be addicted to good health, to feeling good not just looking good. Leaving your students inspired and replacing their chiropractor, message therapist, gym workout and just come to your class.

I have a 500 Ashtanga Yoga Degree from Barcelona, Spain. As well as a Yoga Trapeze Certification. I incorporate both Ashtanga and the Aerial Yoga Sling in my certification programs that are custom tailored to give you and your clients a one size fits all workout that will leave them euphoric. I really focus on teaching you breath and learning how to control emotions and stressful situations, this is also great for Back Pain, Upper Body Strength & Flexibility. Instant Inversion Therapy. Deeper Yoga Back Bends. Improves flexibility: Aerial Yoga Sling helps you to move more freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice. Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility. Anatomy is a big part of our training program, you will have a great sense of functional anatomy and physiology. HRV, Heart and Brain Coherence, and much much more. Can't wait to "Hang" with you!


Coby King

Health Coach/Cannabis Coach/Creative Director/

My wellness journey began while training as an Olympic-level gymnast. I realized at age 12 that what you put into your body directly affects what you get out of it.

Studying in the early ‘90s under Kevin Mazeika, Men’s US Olympic Coach, I honed my self-discipline, mental clarity and determination as I refined my athletic skills, allowing me to win and place in state, regional and national championships as I laid the foundation for a healthy life.

After retiring from competition, I spent a decade in advertising working for Fortune 500 companies as an art director. With backstage access to some of the largest names in the packaged foods industry, I was able to get an inside glimpse into how our food is really made: Scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories in lieu of chefs in kitchens, chemicals and beakers instead of natural, fresh ingredients. Horrified to think these mostly artificial products were now the staple of the modern diet, I began planning the next stage in my career—attending the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.

As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I learned to guide, mentor and empower fellow humans by providing ongoing support and guidance while setting goals and make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness. 

Here at Prana Wellness Group I am dedicated to helping you establish and embrace your individualistic road map to health through mindful nutrition and holistic health coaching. Together, we will find what works best for you in the areas of diet, lifestyle, and exercise in a way that saves your time, money, and confusion.

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